We carry top of the line, first run fabrics at Bob's Upholstery and Decorating Center. We  have an enormous selection and unbeatable prices.

Bob’s Upholstery has acquired a distinctive signature in Marietta by offering a fashionable selection of quality, unique and often hard to find fabrics. We partner with influential brands all over the country, so clients can always expect fine materials when working with us.

The fabrics that we find on their shelves are meticulously crafted with innovative techniques and constantly treated to preserve their top-notch features and textures. Out of the hundreds of available patterns and shades, Bob’s Upholstery only buys unique material that you will not find at any other shop around.

Original artwork is the foundation of our family business. Our collection includes modern, classical, abstract, and sophisticated patterns, among other types. With a natural look and smooth feel, they come in multiple textures to fit the style of your home.

Not only that, but the color choice is unlimited. From vibrant shades to mild hues and monochromatic tones, the palettes are stunning and of high resistance. But even with all these options, our clients are free to choose their preferred designs regardless of whether we have them or not. Because of our distributors’ authority, we can bring in exclusive articles at the client’s demand.

We understand the need of having competitive prices because we want all of our customers to enjoy a positive upholstery experience.

Come See Our Huge Selection Of Famous Brand Fabrics!

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Maxwell Fabrics • Unique Fabrics • Michael Jon Designs • Michael's Fabrics

Novel • Leons • P. Kaufman • Fabric Cut • Durlee

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