4 Huge Reasons to Choose Hand Painted Furniture For Your Home


Are you looking for a way to customize your furniture without breaking the bank? Trying to tie together several pieces into one cohesive look? Consider having our in-house artist create personalized hand-painted furniture for your home.


At Bob’s Upholstery and Decorating Center, we work with you to create a design that will give you the high-end look you want without costing a fortune. From hutches and headboards to dressers and chairs, we can create unique artwork on virtually any piece of furniture in your home. Here are four great reasons to consider hand-painted furniture as an interior decorating option.



Customized Home Decor on a Budget

One of the biggest reasons customers ask about hand-painted furniture is because they saw a piece of furniture they loved, but it wasn’t in the budget, that's where we come in. Many of us already have some wonderful furniture pieces at home that would be perfect candidates for a little customization. And if you are still shopping for the right item, we can help you select a more affordable option and work with you to give it the final touches to create something that is all yours. Our team can put art on furniture in ways you may not have thought of before, and we'll probably even save you money in the process.




Craft a Unique Accent Piece From Hand Painted Furniture

Perhaps you aren’t trying to outfit an entire room—or home—with new furniture. Maybe you have an entryway, a guest bedroom, or a sunroom that could use something new, fun, or bold. Something you don’t see everywhere else that can be a statement piece. Our in-house artist can work with you to dress up something you already have and give it new life. We'll offer suggestions on what would look the best, and we can work from any ideas you already envision. Whether this is the first time you have considered creating art on furniture, or you are a seasoned home crafter, we would love to talk with you about your goals and ideas.



Our artist, Sandra Lee has been painting for over 20 years.

Bring Different Pieces Together

When it comes to repurposed furniture, Atlanta has some great sources. You may be a natural when it comes to finding pieces that will work well together. Or you might be interested but a little overwhelmed at where to start. Many of our clients are realizing their money will go further with a repurposed, high-quality piece than it will with a new, cheap alternative. It takes more time to find just the right combination of furniture to complement a room, but we can help you find a cohesive look amongst unrelated pieces with a little vision and some hand painting to complete the design.




Get Creative With Furniture In Your Home

You might have seen other hand-painted furniture for sale and wondered how they did it. Maybe you’re a naturally crafty person who is ready to dive into a project. Or maybe you aren’t sure what to do first. Let us help you bring out your creativity in designing a custom hand-painted furniture piece that is perfect for your space. Call us to schedule a consultation 770-421-1278 or come into our showroom. We would love to get creative with you and design something you will love for years to come.

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