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5 Amazing Throw Pillow Ideas That Will Give Your Sofa New Life


Some of the most frequently asked questions our team here at Bob’s Upholstery and Decorating Center is asked are about pillows. “How do I know the right pillows for my sofa?” “How do I decorate with throw pillows?” These are just a couple of the questions we are asked and would like to answer here with the five amazing throw pillow ideas below.


1. Decorate with Throw Pillows According to Color or Season

If you have a colorful patterned sofa, pull out one color to highlight with throw pillows. This will add a solid pop of color for a touch of brightness. Further pull the pillow colors into the room by adding a similar color rug, window treatments, or accessories. On the other hand, if you have a solid color sofa, you can add patterned pillows or bright solid pillows for another way to add a perfect pop.

Love seasonal decorating? You’re sure to enjoy changing out your sofa toss pillows accordingly. So, if it’s fall, you’ll want to use your earthy tones; for winter cooler tones such as greys and browns; and for warmer months your vibrant summer or spring hues. This will give you a fresh take on your décor without investing a ton of money.

Throw pillows are meant to be fun and add a touch of personality to your sofa and decor. When you walk through a store, focus in on a color or fabric you really like and then match it to a second fabric by pulling out another color or texture from the first.


2. Match Your Pillows for a Pulled-Together Look

An interior design rule of thumb suggests you have at least two matching accent pillows on the sofa. This gives a visual continuity and anchors the sofa. If you would like to add a third pillow or stack three completely different ones in one corner, that is fine.


3. Throw Pillow Ideas: Match Pillows to Your Rug

We suggest pulling one or two colors out of your rug and onto the sofa through accent pillows. This will create flow through the room. Of course, it’s all about taste; you don’t necessarily have to match perfectly but not have the elements fight. You want your pillows, rug, sofa, and any other pieces in the room to blend and pop in unison.

So, if you have a Persian rug woven in bright jewel tones on an ivory background and your sofa is neutral beige, you could pull out the ivory with a pair of similar tone or off-white sheepskin pillows. Next, add a vibrant pop by pulling out the rug’s jewel tones with a third pillow in bold floral fabric in hues of peacock blue, fuchsia, gold, and navy.

throw pillow ideas


4. Add Accent Pillows According to Sofa Size

On a standard sofa, three is a good number of throw pillows but no more than five because you will have to move them about to sit. When decorating with three pillows, you can layer them in the center of the sofa with two in the back and a pattern or themed one in front. Alternately, you can do two pillows tucked into each of the arms with the third in the sofa center. Or to add a little novelty, do a kidney pillow, round pillow or lumbar pillow in the center in a contrasting color or pattern from the two arm pillows.


5. Always Arrange Your Pillows Perfectly

While you can certainly have fun tossing or layering your pillows on the sofa to your heart’s content, be sure to pay attention to their direction, making sure zippers are facing down, and patterns are moving in the right direction. Always set patterned and motif pillows in front of solid ones or you lose the visual interest they offer. Give down stuffed pillows a V design by giving them a little karate chop with the side of the hand once set in place on the sofa.


Contact Us for More Terrific Accent Pillow Ideas

These, of course, are just five of the many throw pillow ideas we suggest to our Bob’s Upholstery and Decorating customers. Please feel free to ask your own questions and get even more valuable decorating advice from our passionate and knowledgeable team. We invite you to stop by our shop at 2316 Canton Road in Marietta, GA or give us a call at 770-421-1278.


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