simple living room makeover ideas

7 Simple Living Room Makeover Ideas Just in Time for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. For many, that means family dinners, time with friends, and holiday gatherings. If you are like most people you are likely looking for some fresh ideas to spruce up your living spaces. Living room design ideas abound—with a little inspiration, you can be well on your way toward a brand-new space.  Here are 7 simple living room makeover ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Simple Living Room Makeover Ideas That Won't Cost A Fortune!

Down Pillows

Pillows are perhaps one of the simplest ways to change your living room without spending a lot of money. Whether you prefer real down pillows or a synthetic substitute, new pillows not only change your look, but they’re functional as well. Pillow covers are another great option to temporarily change the color or pattern of your existing throw pillows.


Plush Throws

Who doesn’t love curling up with a cozy blanket? Adding new throws to your living room adds texture, a pop of color, and extra comfort for those colder winter nights. When you’re not using them, you can casually drape them over the backs of your sofa for a sophisticated look. Or if you have a storage ottoman, you can tuck them out of sight but keep them within easy reach for when you want to relax.


Storage Baskets

Speaking of storage for blankets (and other household items you’d rather have out of sight), storage baskets are another great option to update your space. Whether your style is minimalist modern or cozy traditional, you can find great storage baskets to fit your tastes and your stuff. Baskets are another great way to add texture to a room, giving it a different feel. You can add baskets to a shelving unit to hide movies and remote controls, or set them on the fireplace hearth and store those throw blankets. The options are endless.




Natural Florals

If you are looking for ways to change your room without buying anything, turn to your garden. While we often associate “fresh flowers” with spring, late fall and winter have their own beauty. You can make simple but impactful arrangements with branches from pine trees and add some sprigs of berries. Or fill a large cylindrical vase with pinecones. Even some branches you might find in your yard can make a beautiful focal point inside a decorative stone jug or pot.

Alternatively, if you want to test out your green thumb, you can incorporate any number of flower species that bloom this time of year, like snowdrops, pansies, and holly plants. Your local nursery will be able to guide you on the best types of winter plants and flowers for you.




Beautiful Decor Pieces

Of course, when we are talking about living room makeovers, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the many options you have in home décor. From unique lamps and decorative antique books to great frames for those treasured family photos, there’s no end to what you can find in your local shops and specialty stores. What’s more, you can often repurpose items you already have, thereby changing your living room without spending any money at all. Sometimes the best place to go “shopping” is in the other rooms of your home to see what you can rearrange and swap out to complete a new look in your living room.


Framed Wall Art

Speaking of frames, adding some new wall art is another great idea to change up your space. Most home décor and interior design companies have options for your walls. If you are looking for cheap decorating ideas for living room walls, consider using your own photographs. Prints are relatively inexpensive, and you can find great frames at discount outlets. Or if you have already gone with the framed options in the past, consider swapping these pieces out for some frameless stretched canvas for a different look.


Luxurious Rugs

When you are looking to update your living room, don’t forget about the floor. Adding a fun rug that ties in the new colors you’ve added elsewhere can have a big impact. Especially in smaller spaces where you might not have much room to add a lot of accessories, the floor is a great place to pull it all together into one cohesive look. Colors, textures, and styles are endless, so once you know what look you are going for, it is not difficult to find the right rug to incorporate.


Frequently Asked Questions

At Bob’s Upholstery and Decorating Center, we love working with customers to create the dream rooms they have always wanted. Here are a few of the common questions we are asked. We encourage you to visit our showroom so we can discuss your goals in person.


How can I make my living room beautiful in time for the holidays?

Simple touches like seasonal floral décor and some new throw pillows are a great place to start. Changing up the accent colors in your living room will go a long way toward freshening up its look. Other touches like new artwork or updated storage containers also have a great impact. Of course, if you are in the market for new furniture, we are happy to assist with that as well. But you don’t have to break the budget to have a beautiful living room. If you aren’t quite sure how to decorate a living room, we are here to help.  Be sure to also take a look at How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Professional.


simple living room makeover ideas



How can I quickly update my living room?

Updating your space can be as quick as a few pillows and a new throw blanket. Or it can be as involved as new flooring and furniture. We are happy to talk with you about your current space and your goals, as well as your timeframe.


How much does it cost to renovate a living room?

That’s a tough question. If you are looking for new flooring, for example, the costs will vary based on square footage, the type of flooring material you need to have removed, and the type of flooring material you want to have installed. If you are looking more for a quick refresh of your space, you can spend as little or as much as you like, depending on what you may already have in other rooms, and what you are looking to achieve. Our design team has lots of simple living room makeover ideas to help get you started. We would love to work with you to help design your dream space.

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