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9 Easy Holiday Home Decor Ideas to Celebrate the Season

It's that time of year again! As we move into fall and winter, the holiday season is just around the corner. When the season is right, homeowners will want to add some holiday festivities to their houses.  Fortunately, Bob's Upholstery and Decorating is here with some great holiday home decor ideas. We will talk about creative home decoration ideas and how to transform your abode for the holiday season.


9 Great Holiday Decor Ideas


1. Festive Wall Art

There are so many great opportunities to quickly transform a room with wall art during the holidays! Some festive wall art can open up your spaces and add some character to your walls. Simple designs in line with the season work best. Even a simple picture of a winter night sky can add a ton of atmosphere.

2. Spruce Up Before Guests Arrive

One way to knock people out of the holiday groove is by having a dirty, unkempt house. If you plan on having guests over for Thanksgiving or Christmas, then before guests arrive, make sure to spruce up the inside and outside of your home! We recommend dusting and vacuuming furniture and giving everything a quick wipe down. If you have any dirt patches on the driveway or sidewalk, try to clean those up as well before visitors come over. Also be sure to clean the floors, tabletops, shelves, and counters to make your house feel like a home.

3. Change Planters for Houseplants

Whether you are looking to add some holiday cheer to your indoor plants or make outdoor potted plants more festive, changing up their pots is the easiest way to go! Most people keep their plants in the same planters throughout the year, but you can change planters for houseplants to match the Christmas and holiday seasons. Try using festive colors or metals that will tie into your interior design or exterior design plans.

Even something as simple as switching to a different color can make your plants more interesting and festive for your guests. Here are a few ideas to try:

Fabric-Wrapped Felt Letters - Make your own felt lettering to decorate your plants

Holiday Mason Jar - Find ways to make mason jars festive for indoor houseplants

Rustic Twig Planters - Decorate your garden with twigs and branches

Gold Vase with Greenery - Decorate your houseplants with gold vases

4. Use Festive Colors

Nothing gets people in the holiday mood more than using festive colors. You can change your curtains, blankets, pillows, or add new decorations with in-season colors like red and green. Even a slight color change can completely transform your home into a fun holiday retreat. So many bright and bold colors come out during the fall and winter seasons, so don't be afraid to use these colors in and around your house. Changing color usage is one of the simplest holiday home decor ideas to implement.

candles and holiday lighting


5. Candles/Holiday Lighting

Last but not least, lights can make all the difference. Candles/holiday lighting are the perfect way to make your home shine. You can place flights virtually anywhere in your home as a brilliant accent, such as around banisters, along door trim, and across the walls. Even if you don't have candles, not to worry! String holiday lights along walls or around door frames for a quick touch of festive spirit.

6. Add Festive Decor to Other Rooms in the Home

Even if they don't get much traffic, you should add festive decor to other rooms in the home. Instead of just decorating your living room, dining room, and kitchen, extend your decorations to the hallways, foyer, bathrooms, and even the bedrooms. You can even take the decorations outside to your deck. Your existing decor choices are less impressive when someone goes to another part of your home and they are absent.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a room for a holiday is by adding festive decor! You can instantly turn any room into a stately den with some seasonal flair. Put up garland around windows, you can also add sparkly bow pillows on couches and chairs. You can also place a pine wreath on your front door or a winter landscape painting on the wall to embrace the season.


what is buffalo checkered fabric


7. Use Buffalo Check

You can use buffalo check ribbon to provide a classic, rustic atmosphere for holiday decoration. This famous plaid design works with furniture, curtains, blankets, and even clothing. You can stick to more neutral colors like tans and greys, or you can go all out with bright, vibrant colors for the holiday season. Buffalo check works great to wrap presents, embellish wreaths, and decorate your tree.

8. Decorate Your Home Bar

If you're like most families and have a home bar, then decorating it for the holidays is a great way to incorporate the festivities into your everyday life. You can do this in two ways: on top of your bar or inside of it! Most people love to put tinsel on the backsplash of their home bars, but you can also put up garland around your bottles of alcohol. Or you could even do both! Make sure it is stocked with the right ingredients for the time of year, and feel free to add other holiday-appropriate decorations like greenery and some candles. You can also stock up on some eggnog to complete the bar transformation.


incorporate seasonal greenery holiday home decor


9. Incorporate Seasonal Greenery

The holiday season is full of unique houseplants for your home. Layer pine, spruce, and juniper to get a fuller garland, and you can use things like birch twigs, winterberry, and pinecones for extra decoration. Incorporating seasonal greenery is a perfect way to capture the magic and spirit of the holidays. You can put up garlands around doorways, on mantels, and even as centerpieces. Also, try wrapping trees in different types of festive ribbons. If you plan on decorating a Christmas tree, try using a buffalo check ribbon, pom-pom ribbon, or even some ribbon with tiny baubles hanging down. You can also drape garland on wreaths, wrap presents with festive fabric, or use pinecones for decoration.

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