window treatments for sliding glass doors

Best Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors can be a beautiful feature in your home. Not only do they let in a lot of natural light, but they can help create that feeling of blurring the line between spaces, or between “inside” and “outside”. They can also enhance the visual impact of exterior features like pools or outdoor kitchens. The challenge with sliding glass doors is often in how to cover them. After all, privacy and sun glare can still be factors in your day-to-day comfort. So what are the best window treatments for sliding glass doors?


Modern Sliding Panels

If you aren’t familiar with sliding panels, think of them as the modern update to vertical blinds. Rather than many skinny pieces, sliding panels may consist of three or four wide panels that slide on a similar channel system. The panels can be retracted horizontally so they stack neatly behind each other. Like vertical blinds, sliding panels come in a wide array of color and texture options to match your home’s style and color palette.

Traditional Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

Can you put curtains on sliding glass doors? Of course! Like vertical blinds, traditional hanging draperies have been around for a long time—and for good reason. Draperies can be custom made or premade in several standard widths and lengths. Color and pattern choices are endless, and they can come with sheer under layers or even light-blocking layers. If you have enough wall space on either side, you can pull them back to completely reveal your sliding glass door, maximizing your views and your ability to get that “indoor/outdoor” feel. A quick search on Pinterest will yield hundreds of design suggestions for drapes for sliding glass doors from traditional to modern, country to mid-century. Draperies can offer something for any style and at a variety of price points.

Roller Shades

Unlike the above options, roller shades attach from the top and extend down to cover sliding glass doors. They can give your room a different look, and they can be a great option in smaller spaces that can’t carry the heavier look of vertical blinds and drapes. However, they can somewhat obstruct the view since they cannot be completely retracted above the top of the door frames. They also come in cordless options, and they can be light-filtering or completely black out any light. Roller shades can be very budget-friendly.


Roman Shades for Sliding Patio Doors

Like roller shades, Roman shades offer a slimmer look in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Instead of rolling open and closed, Roman shades gather at a set interval as they are pulled open from the bottom. It’s a great look for many interior design styles, and they are available at an array of price points.


The Best Window Treatments for Your Home

Options abound, which can make it difficult to decide on what's best for you. By taking some time to learn about the best window treatments for sliding glass doors, you can start to narrow down the styles that suit you and your home. We are happy to set up some time to talk in person so we can show you some samples. If you are in the market for sliding patio door window coverings, stop by our showroom on Canton Road in Marietta or call us to schedule a time for an in-home consultation. 770-421-1278


  1. Marie Given on September 12, 2019 at 11:32 am

    Hi Vickie: I have never used Roman shades on a sliding glass door…do you have a photo of one you have done? I am working with a client who may need a treatment for her new townhouse.

    Thanks, Marie Given
    Panache` Interiors

    PS. I like the simple drapery with tiebacks on the glass door you have on the pic online! Very nice!

  2. Cheryl Heinrich on July 31, 2021 at 7:14 pm


    I’m looking at the sheers in the picture above and would love to know the name of the fabric and pattern. I can’t find anything like it anywhere.

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