Bring the Essence of the Season To Your Home with 5 Vibrant Summers Fabrics

best fabric for summer

Bob’s Upholstery and Decorating Center, is your trusted local fabric, upholstery, and decorating center in Marietta, GA. As a family-owned and operated business since 1960, we have been proudly serving Cobb County residents with high-quality fabrics and decorating services. With our huge showroom, we are sure you will find the perfect fabric to make your…

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7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Fabrics For Upholstery


When it comes to upholstery, selecting the right fabric is an important decision. The fabric you choose needs to be durable enough to withstand wear and tear while also complementing your home decor. If you’re struggling to decide what type of fabric is best for your upholstery project, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with…

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How to Choose the Perfect Home Decor Fabric for Your Next Project

Home decorating projects are exciting; however, they also require you to make several decisions. Deciding which home decor fabric to go with can be especially challenging. From breathability to comfort and texture, there are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect fabric for your next home decorating project. What Is Home Decor Fabric? Home…

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Drapes vs Curtains – What’s The Best Choice For Your Home?

drapes vs curtains

Drapes vs curtains? Which choice will provide your home with the best option? The answer depends on several factors, including what you want the window coverings to do for your home. Discover how these window treatments each create a distinctive look for your space and which may be best for you.   What Is The…

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How To Estimate Fabric Yardage For Upholstery

how to estimate fabric yardage for upholstery

Having a sofa or chair reupholstered is a great way of breathing new life into old furniture. This project is, however, much more complicated than it appears. Knowing how to estimate fabric yardage for upholstery takes specialized knowledge, so it is generally best to leave this project to the professionals. If you want to try…

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What Is Sunbrella Fabric and Why You Should Be Using It!


Whether you are upholstering indoor or outdoor furniture, replacing a canopy, or working on any other project involving fabric, the right material matters. You need a fabric that is appropriate for the job and will last for several years. At Bob’s Upholstery and Decorating Center, we strongly recommend Sunbrella fabric to our customers.  Backed by…

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Awning and Canopy Replacement

awning and canopy replacement

Make an Old Canopy or Awning Look Like New With awning and canopy replacement, you can breathe new life into any window, door, or patio with new fabric rather than needing to replace the entire canopy. If you have a damaged canopy and are looking for an affordable and effective solution, Bob’s Upholstery and Decorating…

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Why High Performance Fabrics Are in High Demand

high performance fabrics

Want to know why high-performance fabrics are in such high demand?  Technology is everywhere these days. You might not realize it, but it’s even in the materials that cover your furniture. As times and people have changed, furniture has faced new challenges. One of the big challenges has been how to get the most life…

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Buffalo Check Fabric, a Home Decor Style That’s Here to Stay

buffalo check fabric

You would probably recognize it even if you don’t know its name—buffalo check, after all, dates back more than 160 years. And that’s just in the United States! But what is buffalo check fabric? What is it about this iconic pattern that has stood the test of time? And how can you best integrate it…

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