Curtain Trends In 2019 – Think Outside The Box

At Bob’s Upholstery and Design Center, we often have customers ask us about the latest curtain trends in 2019. We have the privilege of being in many homes all over the greater Atlanta area, which provides a great perspective on what homeowners are looking for right now.


Color Trends For Curtains

In 2019, we expect to see the continued trend of neutral colors for curtains and drapes. White is a classic look, and it blends well with a variety of accent colors and design styles. Creams will also remain popular in the latest curtain designs. So will the lighter blues and the gray tones. When we consult with clients, we get a feel for their personal style, but we also want to know what their long-term plans are for their home. When clients are getting ready to sell their homes—even if a move is a few years off—we advise staying neutral while creating a custom look. This appeals to buyers, who generally want curtains and drapes to remain with the home.

We like to tell our clients that "neutral" does not mean "boring" or "cookie cutter." We recently completed two installations on the same day. Both sets of homeowners selected the same color palate: neutrals and robin’s egg blue. Both turned out perfectly. And both had their own unique style. Even though the colors were the same, neither looked like the other.


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Think Outside The Box When It Comes To Your Curtain and Drapery Designs

Perhaps the biggest key to great interior design is creating a custom look. Your draperies are an investment in your home. The right draperies can even increase your home value. The last thing we want our clients to do is to invest in custom window curtains that look like they could have come from a big box retailer. Our design team will work with you to create several different looks, using a mix of fabrics that you may not have thought would work. Our vision and experience will help you create the high-end custom drapery look you want while staying on trend and on budget.


curtain trends in 2019


Having a combination of fabrics for curtains and drapes not only creates a high-end look, but it livens up your space. Just as monochromatic colors can become boring, staying too uniform in the textures can also be dull. We expect that 2019 will continue the trend of mixing fabrics to help create an interesting look for your space. One of our favorite things to show our clients is how unexpected combinations of fabrics can blend into one cohesive look.

Consulting with Bob’s UDC Design Team

If you are looking for a fresh feel to your home or need help keeping up with curtain trends in 2019, Bob’s in-house designers can help. From modern to traditional, we have experts ready to help you achieve your ideal look. We will measure your windows, take into account your overall style preferences, and create several options for you to consider. Contact us to talk more about your needs and style preferences so we can match you with the perfect designer to bring out the best in your home.

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