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Ugh, that sad, tattered recliner has seen better days, hasn't it? But before you kick that beloved piece of furniture to the curb, let the upholstery masters at Bob's Upholstery and Decorating Center (UDC) work our magic! We offer custom furniture upholstery Atlanta homeowners and businesses turn to when they need it done right! Our local experts live and breathe furniture upholstery repair. Seriously, we can resurrect even the most hopeless, worn-out pieces and make them look brand-spanking new again with our high-quality furniture restoration services.

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Whether your treasured sofa got munched by an overzealous pup or that antique armchair is fraying at the seams, our crew has the skills to restore it to its former glory. We use all sorts of cutting-edge techniques - patching tears, re-stuffing cushions, replacing fabric - it's like furniture rehab! And our professional upholsterers pay incredible attention to detail, treating each precious piece like a beloved family member. No cutting corners, just top-notch quality every single time.

So don't send your cherished furnishings off to that big garage sale in the sky! Give us a call at 770-421-1278 to request a free estimate and let Bob's UDC renew and revive your beloved piece of furniture. We'll have that sad recliner looking sharper than the day you brought it home!

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Our Furniture Reupholstery Services

Couch Upholstery Repair

The average couch requires 12 yards of fabric and an additional 1.5-2 yards per cushion. Depending on the size and location of the damage, sofa reupholstery can involve simple patchwork or a complete reupholstering of the entire piece. Vintage pieces, with their unique curvatures and features, can be more complicated, and we offer specialty services to preserve the life of your favorite couch.


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Chair and Sofa Cushion Repair

Chairs and sofa cushions, while smaller than couches, require specialty techniques to properly repair or replace torn, faded, and ripped upholstery. We can quickly repair sofa cushions and chairs to give them new life and this is a popular option for those who aren’t quite ready to get rid of their favorite vintage pieces and family heirlooms.

Loose Seams

There are a few reasons you may notice your couch, chair, or other upholstered furniture pieces are coming apart at the seams. Faulty workmanship, weak thread, or just everyday wear and tear can cause overstressed seams to pop and unravel. We can fix these loose seams to give your furniture more support and new life.

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Repair Holes In Furniture

A small hole may not seem like a big deal, but left ignored it could slowly widen and alter the look and durability of your furniture. We can hand sew tiny holes to preserve the look and feel of your modern and vintage pieces.

Furniture Spring Repair

If your couch or chair isn’t offering the bounce or support it once did, it may need spring repair. We carefully examine the inner workings of your furniture to repair and replace broken springs so you can continue to use your couch and chair safely.


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Damaged Cushions

We are one of the leading furniture upholstery repair shops in Atlanta, and we see many people come in with cushions damaged by pets, weather, food/drink spills, and other accidents. We’ve seen it all and can offer different methods and techniques to salvage your damaged furniture.  Need help choosing the best upholstery fabric for your next project? We can do that too!

Foam Rubber Sofa Cushions Replacement

Foam rubber sofa cushions are popular because they can extend the life of your furniture, add extra support and comfort to a chair or couch, and can be extremely versatile. However, when these specialty cushions start to wear, it can make a chair or couch very uncomfortable. By replacing these cushions, you extend the life of your furniture and improve its form and function.

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Furniture isn't the only thing that gets ripped and torn and needs upholstery repair. If your car or truck seats are upholstered and are ripped, torn, stained, or faded, we have the tools and resources needed for expert auto upholstery repair.   If you’ve been looking for professional furniture upholstery Atlanta GA residents choose when only the best quality will do, contact us today!

We’d love to hear about your vision or give you the tips you need to make your project a huge success. We are an Atlanta area family-run business committed to helping you achieve your design goals. Call us at 770-421-1278 for a free quote on your upholstery project.