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Why High Performance Fabrics Are in High Demand

Want to know why high-performance fabrics are in such high demand?  Technology is everywhere these days. You might not realize it, but it’s even in the materials that cover your furniture. As times and people have changed, furniture has faced new challenges. One of the big challenges has been how to get the most life out of each piece. We know high-quality furniture is expensive. While it earns its keep in many ways—from functionality to style and longevity—we are always looking for ways to help you keep your pieces looking great longer. Today’s high-performance fabrics help us achieve these goals.


What is High Performance Fabric?

In a general sense, high-performance fabrics are designed to do more. For example, athletic apparel high-performance fabrics may be designed to better wick away moisture, prevent odor, and hold up to tough workouts. In the world of furniture, high-performance fabrics also do more. For us, this means they will hold up to the challenges of day-to-day usage and stay looking great. They will repel stains, clean easily, and resist fading. They may be formal or casual, indoor or outdoor. Regardless of how you use your high-performance fabrics, you can rest assured that they will better stand the test of time.


High Performance Fabrics for Upholstery

What are performance fabrics made of, that they can accomplish so much? Just as there are many types of standard fabrics on the market today, high-performance fabrics come in several forms. From polyester and nylon to acrylic and olefin, performance fabrics have many features in common. They are specially treated to repel water, resist staining, and more. They also come in a vast array of colors and textures so they can be seamlessly integrated into your home.

Sometimes our clients purchase high-performance fabric by the yard so they can recover their own pieces or have pillows and cushions made to coordinate with other pieces. We are happy to work with you to take your vision for your home and make it a reality. Our extensive collection of upholstery samples and our expert designers will help you make a choice you will love for years to come.


high performance fabrics


Performance Fabrics vs. Leather

One of the most-often-asked questions we get from our clients is whether leather or a high-performance fabric is a better choice. There are pros and cons to each, and ultimately the decision will come down to personal preference. For example, leather is generally more expensive than fabric—even high-performance fabrics. However, high-quality leather also wears beautifully over time, is easy to clean, and resists water and stains. Fabrics, like a great microfiber sofa, can be more comfortable and relaxed than the look of leather. Leathers go with an array of interior styles, but the color and texture options are more vast with fabrics. Leather upholstery may have a cooler feel than many fabric alternatives. Leather comes in many forms though. Not all are equally durable. We always recommend our clients be very familiar with the options so they know what they are getting, and how long it is likely to last.


Making the Best Choice

Narrowing down your options can be difficult because of how many colors, textures, and types of upholstery are on the market today. The good news: the choice ultimately comes down to what you feel best about adding to your home. You no longer have to choose between form and function. You just have to decide what your dream project or furniture looks like, and let us help you do the rest. When it comes to high-performance fabrics and furniture design, we are your go-to in the greater Marietta, GA area. Come visit our showroom at 2316 Canton Road Marietta, GA 30066 or call us to set up a consultation so we can discuss your needs in more detail.


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