How to Choose the Perfect Home Decor Fabric for Your Next Project

Home decorating projects are exciting; however, they also require you to make several decisions. Deciding which home decor fabric to go with can be especially challenging. From breathability to comfort and texture, there are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect fabric for your next home decorating project.

What Is Home Decor Fabric?

Home decor fabric is the cloth used to upholster furniture in your home. Whether you are reupholstering an antique chair or covering a bed, choosing the right fabric will not only look great but also last for years to come. Fabric for your home is also used when covering pillows, drapes, and many other home decor accessories.

Below is an essential guide to help you choose the best fabric for your next home decorating project.


Types Fabrics For Decorating Your Home

Home decor fabrics come in a wide range of textures, breathability, and durability. There are also fabrics made specifically for different types of projects such as furniture or sewing crafts. Here is a list of the most common decorator fabric types and their uses.

  • Woven - This type of fabric consists of a dense weave that is usually sturdy and durable. Woven fabric is a preferred choice for upholstery projects, such as sofas and chairs, because it can support weight without being too bulky.
  • Cotton - Cotton is one of the most commonly used fibers in home decor fabric. Not only is cotton breathable and absorbent, but it is also soft and comfortable to sit on. Cotton fabrics are ideal for upholstery projects, such as slipcovers and decorative pillow covers, because they can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit.
  • Linen - Linen is another type of breathable fabric that is ideal as an upholstery fabric. However, unlike cotton, linen does not absorb moisture or sweat which makes it ideal for summer projects because it will keep you cool and dry. It is also a great choice for drapery fabric or curtain fabric because it can withstand hot temperatures.
  • Silk - Silk fabrics are considered the most luxurious type of home decor fabric. It is made from the fibers of silkworms which are one of the strongest natural fibers.
  • Wool - Wool is soft and elegant and it also makes for excellent upholstery fabric.
  • Brocade - Brocade is a more delicate fabric that creates a voluminous drape. It is a popular material for furniture, dresses, and jackets.
  • Velvet - Velvet is a fashionable fabric for home decor items like curtains, rugs, and furniture.
  • Nylon - Nylon is a durable fabric that is lightweight, easy to clean, and ideal for outdoor upholstery projects.
  • Polyester - This type of fabric offers durability when choosing home decor fabrics. Polyester is not only resistant to stains but also repels water. It can be used as an upholstery fabric for items like sofas and chairs because it will withstand excessive weight and wear and tear.
  • Satin - Also known as sateen, satin is a type of fabric that creates a smooth surface. It is ideal for tablecloths, bed skirts, and furniture upholstery because it will not wrinkle easily. Satin fabric also reflects light making it great for window treatments like curtains to add a glow to the room.

things to consider when choosing fabric for your decor project

10 Things To Consider When Choosing Fabric For Your Decor Project

Now that you know the basics of different types of fabrics, it's time to think about which one to choose. Every kind of fabric offers different levels of durability, style, and texture. Once you know the key features to look for in decorating fabrics for the home, you can narrow down your choices and be on your way to choosing that perfect fabric for whatever project you have. Consider the following factors:

1. Type

Some fabrics can be used for more than one type of project, while others work best with specific types of projects. For example, cotton is a great choice for slipcovers because it is breathable and comfortable to sit on; however, it may not offer the durability that polyester would.

2. Style

Do you want a delicate fabric that creates a voluminous drape for your window treatments, or are you looking for something more sleek and sophisticated? The style of fabric you choose should reflect your personal style and the type of decorating project you want to complete.

3. Color

You can choose from a wide range of bright and bold colors or opt for natural neutrals. The color of the fabric you choose should reflect your personal preferences, but it also needs to match with the decor of your home so that it does not stand out too much.

4. Texture

The fabric texture is just as important as color and fabric type. For example, chenille can offer a sophisticated look for window treatments while nylon is the perfect fabric for outdoor upholstery because of its durability against rain and heat. The texture of the fabric you choose should reflect your personal style and complement the decor of your home.

how to choose the best fabric

5. Patterns

Patterns come in many different styles. Sometimes you may want to choose a pattern that is more subtle for upholstery projects because it will not be as noticeable when stains occur. Other times, such as with your window treatments, choosing a bolder pattern can add interest and style to the room. Texture also plays an important role in pattern choice. Some fabrics are silky smooth while others offer more of a velvety surface.

6. Durability

Consider the durability of the fabric you choose for your project. Will it survive the wear and tear from family members? Does it have a strong resistance to stains or water? Look for these key factors when choosing decor fabrics that will last.

7. Fabric Weight

Also, the fabric weight is another important factor to consider. Thicker fabric will be good for upholstery projects because it can stand the test of time. Make sure you choose fabrics that are appropriate for their intended applications.

8. Use of Fabric

How you will be using the fabric? Some fabrics work best for specific types of projects such as upholstery or window treatments while others like cotton and satin can be used for multiple types of projects. If you plan on using your home decor fabric to make a slipcover or curtains, you will want to choose a fabric that is not too thick or thin so it does not fray.

9. Consider Specialty Fabrics

Some materials like lace and faux leather are common in the textile industry. These fabrics generally have specific uses but can be excellent for various home projects.

10. Price

Finally, think about your price range to make sure you can afford the right fabric for your project. Consider both the cost per yard for the fabric as well as any other installation fees that may apply.

By thinking about each of these factors, you can narrow down your choices and choose the perfect home decor fabrics for all of your projects.

where to find the best home decor fabrics

Where To Find The Best Home Decor Fabrics

If you want to find the perfect home decor fabric, but aren't sure where to start, here are a few ideas:

  • Visit a local fabric store such as Bob's Upholstery and Decorating Center.
  • Also, be on the lookout for special discounts and coupons on decor fabrics during various sales events. Especially during Black Friday and after the holidays, many home decor companies will offer discounts on their fabric selections.
  • Let the experts at Bob's Upholstery and Decorating Center help. Call us at (770) 421-1278 to get started. We can assist with all of your home decorating needs, including fabric selection.

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